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BINBAO SLA-reeks Papier Jumbo Roll To Smal Rolls Sny Rewinding Machine

High speed,stable running,automatic tension control,intelligent PLC control system,easy operating,CE certificated by SGS
The SLA-series slitting rewinding machine is an idea equipment for cutting paper jumbo roll into various width small rolls to reach rolls feeding manufacturing machine requirements. It not only can cut general paper roll,also work on the laminated and coated paper rolls material for printing and packaging products manufacturing.

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High speed,stable running,automatic tension control,intelligent PLC control system,easy operating,CE certificated by SGS
The SLA-series slitting rewinding machine is an idea equipment for cutting paper jumbo roll into various width small rolls to reach rolls feeding manufacturing machine requirements. It not only can cut general paper roll,also work on the laminated and coated paper rolls material for printing and packaging products manufacturing.

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Siemens PCL Control System:The high level intelligent and automatic control system make the machine operating easy and running stable. The automatic tension control and automatic stop function improve machine productivity capacity. It is easily to operate in the HMI touch screen.
Elektriese beheerkas: The electrical control components are selected from well-known brands. The control circuit layout is simple and clear, which is convenient for maintenance and adjustment.
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Three Servo Motors: Servo motors drive the rewinding shafts and all driving rollers, with strong power and high-speed cutting 20-400gsm paper rolls.Servo motor is controlled by frequency converter to ensure stable speedSKD-11 Slitting Knives: SKD-11 is a tool steel made of high carbon and high chromium alloy. After high temperature quenching and fine grinding, this steel has sharpness, strong toughness, and high temperature fatigue resistance. The round blade slitting knives made of this steel is very sharp, durable, stable in size, and high in slitting precision.
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Slitting Surface:Because the rewinding shafts output tension stable,so after slitting and rewinding rolls surface is very flat and smooth,these finish rolls are tight and hard.The slitting precision can reach ±0.2mm
Web Edge Control: The machine adopt high precision paper web edge control system,which can automatic detect the paper web edge and adjust the position to correction. The detector sensors are optional,not only detect the web edge,also can detect the printing line in the paper web.

Why choose Binbao Machine SLA series paper jumbo roll slitting rewinding machine?

Binbao machinery is a professional manufacturer of paper slitting rewinding machine,paper roll to sheets cutting machine. We only focus on manufacturing these two machines with various function for different material converting. We have more rich experience of converting various material and provide best solution to you. All sales and technical engineer in Binbao machine are graduated from famous university in China. Professional technical knowledge and English communication skill ensure that we can provide best consultant and after sales service. If you need special processing function in the slitting machine,our engineer teams can provide support to make customize machine to you according your real manufacturing demanding.

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 SLA-1800 Slitting Rewinding Machine In IndiaSLA-1600 Slitting Rewinding Machine In Russia

 Binbao SLA-1600 Model Machine In Chile Customer Site

What is paper slitting rewinding machine? What benefit you can get from the machine?

The slitting machine is a pre-press and post-press equipment that cuts a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabric, aluminum foil, mica tape and other thin materials into small rolls of different widths. It is often used in paper-making industry and paper packaging products manufacturing factories. For paper rolls processing and converting companies,our high speed and multi function paper slitting machine can help them to dramatically increase the producing capacity and efficient. The model paper slitting machine can make 20-500gsm paper rolls and minimum 30mm width small rolls. Only the one set machine can cover all your paper rolls converting demanding.For paper packaging products manufacturer,the machine can help you convert jumbo paper rolls into various width narrow rolls according your producing demanding. It not only help you save the cost of converting,but also you can more flexible to adjust your paper rolls in your warehouse.插图 -11

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What kind of paper slitting and rewinding can this machine be used for?

The SLA model machine is widely used in the paper roll converting industry,paper roll coating,laminating and so processing industry,paper printing products industry. In additional,it can cut customized width narrow rolls in paper container,paper cups,paper bags,paper core,paper tube forming factories.

What structure the SLA model paper slitting rewinding machine adopt?

The SLA model machine has two parts,jumbo roll unwinding unit and paper slitting&rewinding unit. There is a corridor designed in the middle of the two parts which make operator more easily to adjust the slitting knives and thread paper web into the machine. The unwinding unit include unwinding stand and web edge correction system. All rubber coated rollers and shafts in the slitting&rewinding unit are driven by three motors.In addition to the mechanical structure, the machine also has a large number of electrical and pneumatic structures.The structure is stable and reasonable for converting jumbo roll material into narrow width rolls.

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What are the advantages of SLA series jumbo roll to narrow rolls slitting rewinding machine?

The new designed SLA series paper slitting rewinding machine can reach stable running with 500 meters per minute. It only need 20 minutes to finish a 10000 meters jumbo roll slitting and rewinding. It owns simple and easy operating HMI system,automatic adjustment tension control system,and so on intelligent functions. We will introduce more functions and advantages in below.

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Which type slitting knives SLA model slitting rewinding machine adopt?

There are two common types slitting knives on the slitting rewinding machine market,razor blade knife and circle(round) blade knife.Classified by structure, it is divided into ordinary mechanical structure and pneumatic structure. Our SLA model machine adopt the mechanical round blade knife and pneumatic structure knife. It was made by high quality importing high speed alloy steel.

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Wat is die voordele van SLA-modelmasjien-afwikkelstaanders?

Die reeks-sny-herwikkelmasjien-afwikkelstand gebruik 'n geïntegreerde staalraam, en die basisgewig oorskry 1500 kg. Soos ons almal weet, hoe swaarder die basis maak dat die papier-jumbo-rol afwikkel met meer stabiel en hoe minder skommelinge. Langsaan het die afwikkelstaander twee sterk arms wat deur die oliehidrouliese silinder beheer word. Die arms kan maklik om gewig op te lig maksimum 1600kg en maksimum 1500mm deursnee jumbo rol. Die twee sterk arms word op die lineêre gids vasgemaak, sodat papier-jumbo-rol akkuraat op, af, links en regs kan beweeg. Die papierkernhouers is opsioneel, meganiese tipe en luguitbreidende tipe.

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How is our slitting rewinding machine manufactured?

After obtaining the customer's order, our design department will review the customer's needs and draw the drawings. The mechanical structure parts on the machine are manufactured by ourselves. In order to ensure the accuracy of parts processing, we purchased three CNC machining centers imported from Germany. Electrical and pneumatic accessories are manufactured by well-known companies. Throughout the production process, our QA and QC departments strictly inspect the accuracy and quality of accessories in accordance with company standards. The assembly of the machine is done by our experienced senior mechanical engineers.

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Wat is die verskil tussen ons na-verkope diens en ander?

As an international slitting machine manufacturer,we provide full sets English version machine manual book,circuit diagram, mechanical structure diagram. Our after sales service engineers also can speak English and easily communicate with customers’ operators.We have recorded a large number of machine operation videos. They are simple and easy to understand, and can help customers' machine operators quickly get familiar with the machine and start working.All the machines we produce can be connected to the Internet, and our technical team can remotely check system failures, set parameters and other services for customers

Model Naam


Moederrolwydte (maksimum)


Moederrol-deursnee (maks.)

1400mm (1600mm opsioneel)

Gewigskapasiteit vir moederrol

1400 kg (2000 kg opsioneel)

Terugrolroldeursnee (maksimum)


Rollenbreedte terugrol (min)



3 duim (pas beskikbaar)

Dikte Bereik


Sny Precision

± 0.2


350m / minuut

Geval-1: Papierbekers en papierbakke en vervaardiging van papierdeksels
Die model papier sny rewinding masjiene word wyd gebruik in die fabriek van papier weggooibare houers. Die papierkoppies, papierbakke wat masjien vorm, benodig onderste rolle om hierdie produkte te maak. Die masjien kan goed jumbo-papierrolletjies in rolle met 'n smal breedte sny (die maksimum deursnee kan 1000 mm wees). Verwerking van papierdeksel benodig ook die invoer van spesifieke breedterol in die vormmasjien.

Case-2: vervaardiging van papiersakke
Papiersakke neem normaalweg die kraftpapier of bedekte vetvaste papier aan. Ons sny-opwindmasjien kan hierdie soorte papierrol sny in papierbreedte wat breedte kan aanpas, wat in die sakkies vorm wat die masjien vorm. Maar daar is nog steeds baie vervaardigers van papiersakke wat papiermasjiene vir die vorm van papier gebruik. In hierdie fabrieksfabriek word die papieropknipmasjien omgeskakel na die druk van papierrolle.

Geval-3: Papierbuis en papierblik
Papierbuis is 'n onontbeerlike hulpmiddel in die papierproduktebedryf. Die masjien wat papierbuis vervaardig, moet ook klein papierrolletjies van verskillende breedtes invoer. Die invoer van klein papierrolletjies hang af van die hoeveelheid papierbuis wat u deursnee wil maak. Daarom moet ons die papier-jumbo-rol in klein rolle van verskillende breedtes sny om aan die produksievereistes van die papierbuis te voldoen. Die vervaardiging van papierblikkies is soortgelyk aan die vervaardiging van papierbuisies.

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应用 1-3

应用 1-4
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应用 1-6
应用 2-1
应用 2-2
应用 2-3
应用 3-1
应用 3-2
应用 3-3
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BINBAO SLA reeks papier sny rewinding masjien loop in ons verpakkingsmateriaal rolle vervaardiger kliënt fabriek.
Die model papier sny rewinding masjien perfekte werk vir die sny en kronkel van jumbo rolle vir druk en verpakking materiaal. Ons kliënt maak verpakkingsmateriaal rolle vir alkohol doekies, koffiesuiker, ensovoorts. Hulle het vier stelle van ons verskillende snymasjiene vir die verwerking gebring.

案例 1-1
案例 1-2
案例 1-3
案例 1-4

BINBAO SLA reeks papier sny rewinding masjien loop in ons klep papier sakke vervaardiger kliënt fabriek
Toe ons weer die kliëntefabriek besoek, het hulle hierdie modelmasjien 4 jaar gekoop. Dit lyk baie oud, maar kan steeds goed in hul produksielyn werk. Hulle vervaardig slegs die klepsoort papiersakkies vir verpakkings van poeierprodukte, soos suikerpoeier, meel, sement, ensovoorts. Ons het hulle besoek om ekstra aankope van 3 stelle snymasjien te bespreek.

案例 2-1
案例 2-2
案例 2-3
案例 2-4
案例 2-5
案例 2-6

BINBAO SLA reeks papier sny rewinding masjien loop in ons lugdiens vullis papier sakke vervaardiger kliënt fabriek
Lugrederye stel baie hoë vereistes vir die kwaliteit van die produk, en ons klante het dieselfde vereistes vir ons masjiene. Daarbenewens waardeer hulle ons diens van hoë gehalte. Omdat hulle die stabiele werking van hul masjiene verseker, help dit hulle om hul produksievermoë te verhoog.

案例 3-1
案例 3-2
案例 3-3
案例 3-4


Ons Kazakh-kliënt het gelukkig 'n groepfoto geneem met die papiersnymasjien en papierrol na velsnymasjien wat geïnstalleer en ontfout is.


As an important country in Central Asia, Kazakhstan has developed rapidly in light industry. In particular, the demand for disposable paper packaging such as paper cups and paper bags has increased sharply. Our Kazakhstan customer purchased a high-speed paper jumbo slitting machine, a roll to sheets cutting machine, and a fully automatic paper bag production line this time. They have more than ten years of experience in the paper product packaging industry, and they updated their equipment this time because they can't wait to increase production capacity. Even if we cannot go to the site to provide customers with installation and commissioning services, the customers still choose to trust us and place an paper slitting machine and paper sheets cutting machine order for us for three machines at one time.

SCL-1400 Model Working Videos In Kazakhstan Customer Site

SLA-1600 Model Slitting Rewinding Machine In Kazakhstan Customer Site

After the customer received these machines, we provided the operation manual, machine layout diagram, circuit diagram and other related documents of slitting machine and sheets cutting machine. Our after-sales service team provides online installation and commissioning services, patiently answering every question from customers. In just one week, the machine was installed and debugged, and the machine is currently in normal production.
We believe that our paper roll slitting machine and paper cross-cutting machine will greatly improve production efficiency for customers. Opportunities are always left to those who are prepared to purchase equipment in advance to increase production capacity and prepare for a major market outbreak after the epidemic is over.

SCL-1400 Model Working Videos In Kazakhstan Customer Site

1. Hoeveel kan die papierrol van u masjien minimaal gsm (gram per vierkante meter) wees?
Antwoord: Dit is regtig moeilik om dun papierrol in 'n papieropknipmasjien te sny en op te rol. Ons masjienstruktuur is ideaal vir die omskakeling van dun papier-jumbo-rolle (minimum 18 g papier)
2. Ons is vervaardiger van voeringspapier vir selfklevende papier en silikon bedekte voedselpapier. Die materiaal is baie glad en moeilik om weer in rolle met 'n smal breedte op te rol. Hoe los u die probleem op?
Antwoord: Ons bied oplossings aan baie soortgelyke klante vir vervaardigers van materiaal. Die redelike struktuur en beheerstelsel van ons masjien kan voorkom dat die materiaal gly.
3. Ons papierrolle word deur die buigsame drukmasjien gedruk.Kan u masjienwebgids die drukmerklyn in die rand opspoor en die rand versier?
Antwoord: Ja, ons kan CCD-sensor gebruik wat 'n kamera het om die druklyn op te spoor. Buitendien kan ons masjien die afvalrand uit die masjien snoei en blaas.
4. Ek is 'n verskaffer van druk- en verpakkingsmateriaal en toerusting in Europa. Het u 'n CE-sertifisering vir die modelmasjien?
Antwoord: Al ons snymasjienmodelle het 'n SGS-gesertifiseerde CE.
5. Ek het 'n paar aanpassingsvereistes vir die verwerking van ons produkte? Kan jy my help?
Antwoord: Ons het 'n professionele ontwerperspan wat oplossings kan bied vir behoeftes wat u kan aanpas. Welkom om ons te kontak en u nuwe idees te bespreek.

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